The beginning: fitness will always be a part of me.

Growing up I never played sports, never really had a hobby, always bounced around activities and groups of friends. I never had a place I felt like I truly belonged or could be myself.

Flashback to high school & early college. I enjoyed running on occasion, but was always "too busy" to keep up with it.

Fast forward to early 2012, I had started getting back into working out. Yes, you guessed it, I was the girl doing the cardio & machines at the gym. *eye roll*

Soon after {Insert handsome and oh so muscular- new boyfriend, Clay.} He introduced me to the art of weight lifting. At first I was hesitant. I can still remember curling the 5 lb dumb bells and squatting with just the bar itself. It's funny to look back and think that was heavy. But everyone starts somewhere, right? He taught me everything he knew- good form on my core lifts, rep ranges, drop sets, PR's and everything in between.

I was hooked. I had never had a hobby before I discovered the way I felt when I picked up the weights. At this point in my life, I was a full time nursing student and extremely busy. I always made time to hit the gym whether it was before or after classes- no excuses. I would even listen to my class lectures that I had recorded while I was working out!

There was something so empowering about body building. I found a major passion in the discipline, strengthening, and learning aspects of living a fitness lifestyle. It wasn't something that I just did "whenever I feel like it." The gym became another home away from home. Somewhere I could be myself. I could put on my headphones, not give a damn what anyone thought of me, and drown out the noise of the entire day into my lifts.

It was my drug, my outlet, my stress relief, my alone time, my confidence. I knew then that fitness would forever be a part of my life, and a part of me.


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